Free Download! Yoga in the Post-Pandemic Era: Towards a 3rd Age of Yoga?

As we begin to imagine what life will be like in the post-pandemic era, the question on many people’s mind is this: Will the pandemic have a lasting effect on the practice and teaching of yoga? Post-pandemic, will yoga practice and teaching go back to the way things were in the “good old days?” Or, … Continued

Asana Practice Screen for Yoga Teachers – Assessing Core Stability and Flexibility in Yoga Students

As yoga teachers, we often experience situations where students are unable to perform even basic yoga postures properly, because of physical limitations in strength and/or flexibility. To help such students progress, it’s essential for yoga teachers to know how to assess a student’s current strengths and limitations. Join yoga teacher and physical therapist Chrys Kub, … Continued

Are Hip Openers Bad for Your Hips? Benefits, Kinesiology and Precautions

Many yoga classes speak about the benefits of hip “opening”, and yet surprisingly, the most common injuries in yoga are related to the hips – back pain, QL issues, piriformis syndrome, labrum tears, SI Joint and knee issues. This begs the question – what are we actually doing in hip openers? It is a little … Continued