Yoga for Healthy Brain Aging: Yogic Approaches to Help Keeping Your Brain Young

Join Baxter Bell, MD, C-IAYT, for an update on the newest findings around maintaining optimal brain health as we age. From the scientific updates of the last five years, he will then share the many ways your yoga practice can support your cognitive health moving forward.  Unwelcome changes to our cognitive health are often at … Continued

Trauma and the Collective Body: Embodiment and the Healing Journey

The COVID‑19 pandemic has been a collective trauma that has impacted millions worldwide. Many of our communities have been directly impacted by the many global natural disasters linked to climate change, such as fires and floods. Meanwhile, collective feelings of helplessness and anger are exacerbated by polarized political situations worldwide that have contributed to economic … Continued

Preparing for Inversions: Reversing the Aging Effects of Gravity

Inversions like Sirsanana (Headstand) and Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand) are also sometimes referred to as the king and queen of asana. They balance the entire nervous system and are considered to be among the most important poses for our daily yoga practice because of their profound effects on physical and emotional health. Benefits of inversions include greater … Continued

Restoring Balance: Yogic Tools to Calm an Overactive Nervous System

Every second of the day, your body is functioning seemingly effortlessly, regulating the literally millions of physiological functions that keep your body running. The part of the nervous system in charge of orchestrating all these functions behind the scenes, so to speak, is the autonomic nervous system.  The autonomic nervous system regulates all the functions … Continued

Maksym Test: Test course

Struggling with finding correct alignment in your yoga practice? Most people do. The sad reality is that most yoga students struggle with finding ease and comfort in yoga poses. Many poses are difficult, and our tendency is to muscle our way into poses in an effort to “do yoga” the way we think we should. … Continued

[Test Course] Yoga for 50+ — Feel Your Best for the Rest of Your Life

As baby boomers reach 50 and beyond, they are increasingly looking for ways to retain energy and vitality in the second half of life. Yoga offers a unique way to slow aging, restore well-being and vitality, deal with the changes of the maturing years, and even bring greater peace to mind and body. Yoga can … Continued