Ancestral Voices: Yoga for Transformation and Renewal

Mar 16 & 16

Reconnect with Your Spirit


Join Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco on a transformative journey guided by the ancient teachings of First People. Each practice in this series is inspired by an Aboriginal song that sets the intent for the practice. Let the power of these songs reconnect you with the deeper levels of your Spirit.


Join Ana Forrest on a 4-Week Journey

The Native Peoples around the planet have a deep wisdom and connection to Nature and to Spirit. In this groundbreaking series, Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco combine the healing power of music and ritual with yoga in a four-week journey.

Each week brings its own flavor and ceremonial blessing tied in with juicy and rigorous signature Forrest Yoga sequences taught by Ana. Join us for the journey!



Week 1

Woori Ombunji: Spiritual Baptism for Awakening Spirit

The practices for this week help you connect with the healing energy of the asana. As we learn to listen to the body and quiet the chatter of the mind, we begin to reconnect more deeply with Spirit.


Week 2

Yama Wiri: Calling in Good Energy – Surround Yourself with Beauty

What we surround ourselves with is reflected back to us – for good and for bad. The theme for this week is calling in the Good Spirits, i.e. fostering positive energy around us and clearing out poisonous debris. Learn how to lift heart, mind, and soul by surrounding yourself with Beauty.



Week 3

Yelli, Yelli the Cosmic Serpent: Shed Your Old Skin

This week, our theme is based on the wisdom of Yelli, Yelli – the Cosmic Serpent song. The ancient ritual of renewal calls upon us to shed our old skin and let go of patterns that don’t serve us to uncover the star sparkle underneath.



Week 4

Woori Ombunji: Spiritual Baptism to Awaken the Life Force Within

We close the circle by returning to the theme of Woori Ombunji – spiritual awakening. Ana shows how to make our practice a daily blessing, a vehicle for waking up to our own aliveness and rekindling the Life Force within.



Bonus Practices

  • Week 1: Quiet Your Mind, Learn to Live in Beauty

In this week’s bonus practice, learn how to quiet the mind with Pranayama and Twisting postures. And, in this week’s bonus talk, Ana offers advice on how to reset mind and body to invite more positive energy in your life by using the Forrest Yoga technique of learning to live in beauty.

  • Week 2: Invite More Love and Feeling Into Your Life

In this week’s bonus practice, Ana shows how strengthening the abdominals and clearing out emotional debris can help nourish the heart as well. In the bonus talk, Ana offers 6 powerful, but simple actions you can do each day to reconnect with your heart and Spirit in a very real and vibrant way.

  • Week 3: Shedding Habits That Don’t Serve You

In our bonus practice this week, Ana offers a practice with the intent of shedding habits that don’t serve you. And, in this week’s inspiring bonus talk, Ana talks about simple steps we can take to create greater embodiment and get anchored in the present -beyond the incessant chatter of the mind.

  • Week 4: Formula for Change – How to Create the Life You Want

We have much more power to change and create the life we want than we think. In this week’s bonus talk, Ana shares the steps for creating change and renewal she has used in her own life. And in the bonus practice, learn how to enliven the power centers of your body to foster transformation and renewal of body, mind and spirit.




Ana T. Forrest is an internationally recognized pioneer in yoga and emotional healing. She is the creator of Forrest Yoga—a unique fusion of traditional yoga, new sequences, Eastern wisdom, and Native American medicine.

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